Grooming George for the first time! 

For today’s post I wanted to share my first full groom with you!

I am in the middle of completing a grooming course at Bishop Burton which I have been doing since March. The dream is to hopefully own my own grooming salon in the future. So I thought why not test my skills and see if I can successfully groom my own dog George.

I love everything about dogs which is why I started ‘The Furry Friends Club’, once my dog grooming skills are 100% I will be adding dog grooming to The Furry Friends Club’s services.

Here is a picture of george before as you can see he was very fluffy and scruffy looking….still cute though!

And here is after! I must say I am pretty proud of it myself, it did take a while, I am definetly not fast enough yet but I’m getting there.

I would love to know what you think 🙂 🐶

Meet my doggies- Part 1

Welcome to the first official post of this blog. 

You join me on a very scary but exciting day…….this is the first day of being a full time dog walker. Previously I have had the back up of a small part time job in between walks but I decided to take the jump and do it full time. Dogs have always been my passion, I am what you can call.. a crazy dog lady! whenever a dog passes in the street I am immediately smitten and must have a stroke. Since also joining my dog grooming course I have learnt a lot about dogs and gained a huge insight into the animal industry. So hopefully this all works out and my passion and hard work pays off!. 

But anyway, 

Back to today’s post, I wanted to introduce you to some of my dogs that I walk they are all completely different in personality and i love every single one of them of course!  but first I want to start with my own dog George- my boo. He is a 2 year old Lhasa Apso X Shih Tzu. He loves joining me on my walks and making new friends.


My First Client – Trixie

I next want to introduce you to my first ever client, she is such a sweet dog, so well mannered and still full of fun! she loves nothing more then running on the field with a ball. Her name is Trixie an 11 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback.

          Hull Dog Walker, Solo Dog Walk Hull Pet services - the furry friends club Dog walker in Hull - Playing on the field

This is going to be a carried on post as there are too many dogs to introduce in one post. So I thought I would start with my own dog and of course my first client. This will be a weekly post so next week I will introduce you too Elvis the Jack Russel and Blue the staffy!

Stay tuned as posts will also inserted in between these posts. 

Thanks for reading, 

Emily, The Furry Friends Club x


Dog Walker in Hull

Hello, thank you for stopping by. 

I’m Emily the owner of Furry Friends Club, a professional dog walker in Hull & surrounding areas.

The services we offer is first dog walking, either solo or in a group depending on the owners preferences. I also offer home visits which is perfect for puppy’s or older dogs as it involves me visiting the dog, giving them lots or love and attention, play time, feeding and watering and picking up any accidents if necessary. A walk can also be included if required. 

I have met a lot of dogs and have so many stories to share. I also have my own dog to introduce and would like to include tips or advice I have found along the way of becoming a professional dog walker. 

I hope you will enjoy my blog,

watch out for plenty more posts to follow! 🐶

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