Meet my doggies – part 2


For today’s post I will be continuing to write about my the dogs that I walk.

Blue – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

I want to first introduce you to Blue the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. How gorgeous is he… he is full of energy and has such a kind and playful personality.

Our walks are normally highly energetic involving balls and a large playing field 🐶. Blue was my first client and loves nothing more than chasing George around a field.

Elvis – Jack Russel

Next I want you you to meet the lovely Elvis. Elvis is the cutest little Jack Russel. He is so sweet…. as soon as I walk through the door he is super excited and always wanting a cuddle. He gets on really well with my dog George they have created such a bond it’s so lovely to see. 🐶

Stay tuned to meet some more lovely doggies…next week I will be writing a post on Stanley and Lily.

Thanks for reading, Emily (The Furry Friends Club) x

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